The Dancing Goats

You may be wondering what is with the happy goats!? Well legend has it.

It was late in the day when Kaldi a goat herder from Ethiopia went to check on his beloved goats before the sun set. Kaldi could see his goats in the distant and made his way over to them, as he was approaching he was amazed at what he was seeing. His flock of goats were happily dancing and leaping around a dark green leafed shrub, which was covered in bright red berries. Kaldi noticed the goats had been eating the berries and he was intrigued to try them himself. In no time at all Kaldi joined his goats and they danced together with great joy well into the evening.

Since he was pleasantly surprised by the effects of the red berries Kaldi shared his discovery with nearby Monks, fearing that they were devil’s work they tossed them into the fire. ¬†However, as the delightful aroma of the roasting berries filled the monastery, the monks quickly recovered them from the fire. They began experimenting with the roasted berries by crushing, boiling and brewing them into a delicious dark liquid. This delicious liquid is now the most loved and desired drink in the world, COFFEE! Thank heavens for Kaldi and his happy goats!